Nashikar can now pay Municipal taxes via Private Banks

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banksMunicipal commissioner Sanjay Khandare inaugurated the service at ICICI Bank’s Mega Branch in Sharanpur Road, Nashik on Thursday.
ICICI Bank has been a pioneer in providing modern banking solutions, which bring not only convenience for citizens but also enhanced efficiency and transparency, particularly in the government banking sector. This service was introduced in response to feedback given by Nashik citizens to NMC, where they wanted more avenues to pay municipal taxes. They also wanted NMC endorsement on the tax receipt. We have devised this solution to cater to the needs of the people.

In addition to ICICI Bank branches, citizens can continue to pay municipal taxes at the Citizen Facilitation Centre (CFC)/Ward office of the NMC. The bank will also enable:

  • Real-time updation of tax collection details at NMC records
  • Cash and cheque pick-up facilities from CFC
  • Reconciliation of collection details on the same day.

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