Nashik’s ‘Aditya’ gets Spanish parents

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d3Aditya with Philpi Linas, Maria Joseph and Alex while Manisha Mondhe giving him blessing in religious style Tears of happiness. Manisha Mondhe, Adharashram nurse says that Aditya was only two-days-old when he came to the Adharashram. Since he was not well, they took efforts to bring him up. They all were worried when he went through surgeries as they all are very attached to him. Anyhow, he got his parents now and they are happy for it. However, it is not easy for them to forget the four years spent with him but counsel their hearts that he is with his family now but can control tears.
We are very happy that Aditya got good parents. I had uploaded his information on CARING with his photos on behalf of Adharashram. Anyhow we will miss him.— Rahul Jadhav, adoption department coordinator, Adharashram First case of adoption through CARING
Philpi Linas and Maria Joseph have already adopted a Chinese boy Alex who is one of the victim of earth quake in China. The couple took help of CARING system to know details of Aditya and then completed the legal procedure.— Alex, Aditya’s brother

d37039-large A Spanish couple adopted Aditya, a four-and-a-half-year-old boy from Nashik-based  Adharashram with the help of Government central adoption resource authority”s Child  adoption resource information and guidance system (CARING). It is the first case in the  country after activation of CARING, informed the Adharashram sources. Aditya was admitted  to Adharashram in 2010 by Panchavati police when he was just two-days-old. He had  stomach infection since from the birth so at the age of eight months he was operated for it. At  the age of three years he had to go through another surgery and later his health start  improving. Aditya”s information was uploaded on CARING which was responded by Spanish  couple Philpi Linas and his wife Maria Joseph. Philpi is a truck driver while Maria works with a  old age home in Spain. The couple has decided to adopt two children from orphanage.

Accordingly, it completed the process a child from India and adopted Aditya. The practise of adoption of children to foreign citizens was stopped by the government due to tremendous increase in the cases of adoption by foreigners after 1981. At the same time, Adharshram”s permit for it also expired. So when, the Spanish couple adoption process was completed through Bal Asha Trust of Mumbai and Adharashram after the permission of the Bombay High Court. Aditya left for Mumbai on Tuesday with his Spanish parents and will proceed for Spain within eight days.

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