Natraj Mandir inaugurated at Gangapur Road

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page3nashikNashik is a city of art worshippers. However, there is no place in the city for the artistes to rehearse. The Natya Parishad and Kusumagraj Pratishthan gives place in nominal rates but the artistes have to contribute for it too. Art lover and president of public library (Savana) Vasudev Dashaputre fulfilled his resolution by availing the artistes of Nashik a place to rehearse without paying a penny by means of the ‘Natraj Mandir’. Dashaputre has declared to make this building available for artistes to rehearse free.
Vasudev Dashaputre has constructed the ‘Natraj Mandir’ building in the Shiv Srushti Colony at Gangapur Road in the memory of his wife and writer late Sulochana Dashaputre. This structure was inaugurated by former Mayor Dashrath Patil. Veteran artiste Netaji Bhoir worshipped lord Natraja. Students of choreographer Sanjeevani Kulkarni, Sumukhi Athni and Madhvi Chitnis presented a dance called Natraj Vandana. Singer Ragini Kamtikar presented a Bhajan of Surdas. She was supported by Shrikrishna Chandratre, Rajan Agarwal and Girish Chandratre. Deepak Mandal’s Suresh Gaydhani presented a rehearsal of Natyapravesh. Swarup Bagul, Vinit Paithan and Aboli Panchakshari participated in the rehearsal. Vaishnavi Bhadamkar and Atharva Ware played Tabla whereas Nayan Nagarkar presented art of painting. Vivek Sonawane created a sculpture of lord Vasudev whereas Yuvraj Patil created an idol of lord Gajanan under the guidance of Bal Nagarkar. Professor Rajendra Ugale welcomed the audience in the form of Vasudeva. Shyam Padekar anchored. Dignitaries from the literature, art and cultural sectors were present for the programme.

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