Only 1% water left in Nashik dams

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Nashik’s water crisis worsens, no rain in 14 days

With delayed monsoon, the water crisis situation in Nashik has gone from bad to worse as the dams in the district show a total availability of 1% of water stocks which is supposed to last till July 31.

This means the administration and Nashik Municipal Corporation will have a tough time in dealing with the available stock for the next month. The stocks of all the dams together last year by this time was around 11%.

The Gangapur dam complex comprising Gangapur, Kashyapi and Gautami Godavari has a total stock of 12%. Water is supplied to Nashik city through this complex. The total capacity of the Gangapur dam and the two weirs is 9,350mcft. Out of 5,630mcft capacity in Gangapur dam at present, the water availability is 1,118mcft making it 20%.

The Kashyapi weir has a capacity of 1,852mcft all of which has been exhausted, while the Gautami Godavari has a capacity of 1,868 mcft and this too has been utilised completely. Hence, the total stock availability in the Godavari complex is 12%.

These dams of the Godavari complex supply water to Nashik city for drinking, agriculture and industry purposes. Also water from here is released to Ahmednagar, Aurangabad and Jalna districts.

Despite resistance of the people and political parties in Nashik, 12.84 thousand mcft water was released from Gangapur, Darna dam complexes from Nashik and Bhandardara dam complex from Ahemednagar to Jayakwadi dam to meet the water needs of Marathwada.

Prior to that water was reserved and released for Kumbhmela in Nashik. It was then hoped that a timely monsoon will fill up the shortfall but as it appeared in November and December, the crunch was evident. The situation became more grave after the monsoon has been delayed and the pre-monsoon showers have evaded Nashik.


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