10 Questions Which Was Never Answered By Science

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You must have invested endless amount of time watching discovery channel and reading countless science books but you will never find answer of this questions anywhere.

So we thought of listing this questions for all our nashikar and the world out there.

  1. Does alien life exist ?
    With 100 to 200 billion galaxies in the universe, the odds of alien life are likely. However, Solid evidence for its existence has yet to be found. [divider]
  2. Will we ever travel at the speed of light ?Thought to be impossible to date the fastest spacecraft reached 0.02%  light speed. (Source Discovery popular science ). However NASA is working on warp drives that could achieve 10X light speed. [divider]
  3. Without fossil record, how do we know mammals share a common ancestors? 

    Placental mammals (humans, cats, whales etc.) are said to be originate from one common ancestors. When and whether this ancestor existed is open a debate. [divider]

  4. Why do we dream ? 

    Dreams could help emotional trauma , aid learning or serve no purpose – there isn’t consensus. Even the function of sleep is not fully understood. [divider]

  5. Why does the placebo effect work ? 

    Human can heal them self without by using fake medical treatment, This is known as placebo effect.   Why humans do not use this  ability more often remains largely unexplained.[divider]

  6. Math ?  Is math a feature of  the universe or feature of human creation? 

    Math could be a human invention, created to understand our surrounding. Alternatively it could be universal truth, a timeless part of universe, existing with our without humanity. [divider]

  7. What is the shape of universe ? 

    According to NASA the universe is flat to within a 0.4% margin of error. Other model says it can be of any size or in fact it can be shapeless.[divider]

  8. How does sonoluminance happen ?

    sonoluminance is a process that uses sound to create bubbles in water which collapse & emit light. The mechanism behind this phenomenon remains unknown.

  9. Will robots ever develop feelings ?

    Robots that can mimic human emotions & learn and understand when a person is sad or happy already exist . Whether this constitutes ‘feeling’ is debatable.

  10. How do we know anything ?

    The brain contains 200 billion neuron & trillion of synapses. The way these create consciousness & memory is not fully  understood but underpins how we store & interpret knowledge.


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