10 Sidesplitting answers given by Nashik when asked for an address

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Why it is that common sense is not so common among people on the road when asked for an address? Nashik is not as big a city with ultra-commercialization and puzzling roads all around the city. People are either awfully confused while dictating the address or they are over confident about the information they are providing to the long-lost tourists. Why can’t people just utter those three self-seeking words ‘I don’t know’ if they are muddled about the road direction? We have listed a few side-splitting answers given by Nashik when asked for an address

  1. Gangapur road?? It’s very far…. Hahaha

“Did the man just laugh at me?” baffled the unfortunate tourist. The localite made him believe that it’s genuinely, seriously, a grave subject matter to reach Gangapur road.

Don’t ask silly questions!1

  1. The localite peeped into the window of the taxi, touched the face of the person asking for an address and said, “It’s cold inside… hahaha”

The world is a unification of mixed breeds of people living on the same platform. So there are people who are not fortunate enough to   experience the luxury of AC cars… Fine… Understood!! But right now you got to solve the query of the tourists and wonder about the cold wind in the meteorological department.

Oo la la

Oo la la

  1. “I’ll tell you the address only if you drop me till Deolali”

Okay… Now the tourist turns into a taxi driver!! Whoosh!! Isn’t this an exorbitant price to pay for explaining the address?

Aiyooooo... Sirf Deolali toh hai!! Chodona!!

Aiyooooo… Sirf Deolali toh hai!! Chodona!!

  1. When asked for an address, the drunk localite on the road peeps into the car and starts checking out the girls

Hello!! What are you looking at? We are not in a theatre and these girls are not heroines that you are allowed to look at them with an       open mouth!! Knock… knock… Wake up Mr. Wrong Intention!! You can’t dream of sharing the space with those girls.

Hey baby.. Can i join you girls?

Hey baby.. Can I join you girls?

  1. People give a detailed address to the passenger but every bit of it is none less than a jigsaw puzzle

I know what the passenger must be speculating, “But the last piece of my jigsaw puzzle is still missing!” It’s like banging your head                            mindlessly at a rock concert.

OMG... The road is missing

OMG… The road is missing

  1. “Beta, I’m old now and I don’t go to any clubs in this age. So don’t ask me any address”

Oh my!! An adrenaline rush of guilt flows through your nervous system as soon as you get a miserable reply. All you want to do next is….Apologize!!

Arey Mamuuuu... Hop in!! It's time for you to party!

Arey Mamuuuu… Hop in!! It’s time for you to party!

  1. “Yes I know the address but I don’t know the road you are talking about”

There exists a confused category of people for whom remembering the road is a thought-provoking task!! Excuse me madam/sir… Let the  thinking be done by Einstein!! You relax and chill at home, I’ll search the address on my own.

Your brains are too expensive to be used

Your brains are too expensive to be used

  1. “What are you talking about? Please don’t disturb me”

There also exists a diligent category of people who never wants to be disturbed while working. It’s a waste of time for them to                     answer such questions. They might earn a million bucks in that time span.

Go away or else I'll hammer you!!

Go away or else I’ll hammer you!!

  1. “Hey ram!! Who toh bhoot bangla hai”

Such people scare the shit out of you. You can’t even enter the lane because it is all the more haunted. How to deal with such horrific     answers?? God save us!!

You are about to enter a zombie land!!

You are about to enter a zombie land!!

         10. “Oh this address is an easy one. Follow me, I’ll show you the road”

Last but not the least… This is the best category of over-enthusiastic people who will not only burn their petrol for us but will also be very helpful in whatever manner they can.

Follow me guys!!! I'm your saviour!!

Follow me guys!!! I’m your saviour!!

 As they say ‘You can’t make an omlette without breaking a few eggs’. Similarly, you can’t reach a place without asking a few individuals on the road. Beware of the answers that our localites give you and just be a little careful where the road takes you!!


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