5 Slangs only Nashikites use!!

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Almost every city In India has a culture of its own, and an inseparable part of that culture is the “slang”, or “slanguage” used by the denizens. Nashik has its typical slanguage too, with a distinct Nashik flavor. People in Nashik are fun to interact with and have their own style and aura. Even if you haven’t resided in Nashik and you have recently moved to the city.We do warn use these slang’s will grow on you! Slangs Nashikites use are both interesting and hilarious at the same time. So, Get set and Go!!

1. Ek Numberrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! : This ek numberrrrr we have decided
To put it on number one spot because this is recently widely used word around the city. Be it anything ek number is the synonym to celebration!! “ Arey main pass hogaya bhai…bhai replies “ Ek numberrrrrrrr”!!!
Arey nava gadi liya hai…replies Ek numberrrrrr!!!!
So, this ek numberrr is totally worth to be put on Ek number spot!!


2. Kadak!! and laii Bhaari!! prevails above all the languages: Kadak na bhai!!! Is the word whenever you see a good looking girl in Nashik. Or else laii Bhaari is the synonym or you can say the alternative to this kadak! So, whenever you listen kadak or laii bhaari somewhere relate that, that persons is a Nashikite.


3. Bhaap—aareee!!: This is an another used you will find the a Nashikite’s dictionary .This word means that someone is faking something and is just faking about a Name, Place, Animal or thing. So, next time you be careful not to give bhaap- areee to people around you..”Arey wo bohot bhaap-aare deta hai” is the most commonly used term. Be careful fellaas..


4. Bas kya bhau??: “Bas kya bhau”?? is the main word of Nashik. Bas kya bhau?? Is used whenever you feel good, bad, angry, sad, Happy, whatever is your mood or whatever is your emotion “Bas kya bhau”?? Works on everything , our personal favourite. So use it whenever you feel like..till then I’d say “Bas kya bhau”??


5. Vishay ahe ka??: This is last but no the least.Vishay ahe ka is the word when it comes to any question or emotion. Vishay ahe ka moment arrives when you have a emotion in which have nothing to prove! So then , Vishay ahe ka is used mainly used.

All these slangs only Nashikites use add up to the linguistic diversity of Nashik city so next time you are travelling to another city in any corner of the world, If you hear these words you can be certain the person is from Nashik city, Because we are a city that’s home to an eclectic mix of cultures!


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