8 More Signals to be Installed in Nashik

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Here is an update to the previous news published by Page 3 Nashik where in 9 solar operated signals were to be installed before Kumbh Mela. The number 9 has been exceeded to 17 for managing public and the traffic during the mega event in the city.

The previous 9 signals are to yet be installed by NMC and the new additional signals will be installed in the limits of the NMC by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). The operations and maintenance works for these 8 signals will be given to the NMC by NHAI.

Trivandrum-Traffic-Light-1024x682As per the sources the locations of newly proposed 9 signals are already decided. The new additional 8 signals are to be fixed on the Mumbai-Agra highway at hotel Jatra, Rasbihari English Medium School square at Hanumannagar, Aurangabad naka, Dwarka, Vadala naka, Lekhanagar, Pathardi phata and Gareware point. Fixation of 5 signals is already come into being.

“We have already installed one new traffic signal at the Old Adgaon naka, which is operational now. Of the eight signals that are to be installed on the highway, we have installed signals at five locations, expected to be operation within a month, while work to install traffic signals at the remaining three locations will be started after Diwali”, informed the NHAI official.

It has been anticipated that the fixation of signals will be completed by the end of next financial year. This will ensure lowering the traffic concerns and also reduce the traffic intensity during the upcoming Kumbh Mela.

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