8 tips to get a glowing skin this winter

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Come November and there is a nip in air. The weather is chilly in mornings and the evening announce the arrival of the rozy winters. After the rains and the awful October heat you definitelyfall in love with the cold weather. Is there anyone who is not happy with arrival of winters? Well we know. Let us now reveal the name to you.  Well, that is your skin. The first sign that the winters are knocking the door is when your skin starts to feel dry and stretched, especially after taking a bath.

The only remedy we opt for is spending a fortune on creams and moisturizers to keep our skin hydrated and healthy looking. But what we forget is if we don’t eat nourishing food and maintain a good and healthy regime how will our body feel healthy and glowing? Because no amount of costly creams and lotions is going to make our skin glow and feel supple if it’s not hydrated from the insides. Remember, “what we eat shows on our skin.”

A great diet you can make your skin glow even in winter and not feel dry and stretched. We need to eat food which provides our body omega3 fatty acids and essential vitamins like A, B3, C, E and K.

1. Omega3 nourishes hair and acts as natural moisturizer and revitalizes dry skin.

2. Vitamin A reduces wrinkles and is overall age fighter.

3. Vitamin B3 boosts hydration to reduce redness of the skin.

4. Vitamin C reduces spots and also has anti-aging properties.

5. Vitamin E eases dryness & acts as skin’s UV defense.

6. Vitamin K reduces dark circles and good for bright eyes.

Also check out these 8 tips to get a glowing skin this winter will make you look nourished and pretty at the same time:

1) Drink sufficient water: Usually in winter we forget the main component of which our body is primarily made up of. Water. Since we don’t sweat much in winter, we don’t feel thirsty and since we don’t feel thirsty we tend to drink lesser quantity of water it makes our body and skin dehydrated. So in winter it’s necessary that we drink atleast 2-3 liters of water daily to keep our body less hydrated.

Water - Main component of our body

Water – Main component of our body

2) Eating 1 spoon of ghee daily: According to the recent studies and our Ayurvedic science, eating of 1 spoon ghee daily, especially in winters, gives our body the necessary dose of oil, helps in lubrication of digestive tract and let us assure you is not fattening. If the ghee is  homemade then it’s even healthier.

Homemade Ghee - Wonderfood

Homemade Ghee – Wonderfood

3) Handful of nuts: Nuts like walnuts, almond, pistachio are packed with nutrients and are rich with Omega3 fatty acid. Similarly dates to are rich in iron, vitamins and minerals and has fiber. So having a handful (not bagful) is good for your health as you get your daily dose of energy and nutrition. Including flax seeds in your diet is beneficial. As it not only is rich in Omega3 Fatty acid but it helps reduce blood sugar and cholesterol too.

Dates (Khajur)

Dates (Khajur)

Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds

Nuts - powerhouse

Nuts – powerhouse


4) Fish and Eggs: for non-vegetarians, eating oily fish like salmon and sardines which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid is good for health. Also eggs, which is also called super food, as it is packed with proteins and contains all essential vitamins like D, E, K & B6. Also there is fish oil available in market known as cod liver oil in form of pills. Even intake of that helps you fulfill your body’s daily need of Omega3. Even doctors recommend these to kids to increase their immunity.

Oily Fish like Salmon

Oily Fish like Salmon

Eggs - Superfood

Eggs – Superfood

Codliver oil

Codliver oil

5) Greens and leafy veggies: Spinach boasts lutein, a carotenoid that protects your skin from UV damage. It’s also rich in Iron and contains antioxidants which reduce the onset of wrinkles.

Spinach - rich in Iron

Spinach – rich in Iron

6) Fruits rich in Vitamin A & C: seasonal fruits like oranges and berries which are abundantly available during winters are packed with Vitamin C and also contain antioxidants. It boosts immunity.

Orange - full of Vitamin C

Orange – full of Vitamin C

7) Carrots: Carrots contain the carotenoids beta carotene and lycopene—both of which may shield your skin against UV damage.

Carrots - rich in fibre

Carrots – rich in fiber & Carotene

8) Amla (gooseberries): Amla is rich with Vitamin A which is essential for collagen production which helps to keep skin glowing and restores elasticity to skin.

Amla (Gooseberries)

Amla (Gooseberries)

If we keep these little things in mind, and have a balanced and healthy lifestyle, no doubt we’ll surely have a healthy and glowing skin. They say God has created everything for a reason. No doubt. That’s why we must enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables as they help us and our bodies cope with the seasonal changes and build immunity.

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