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Western India Sports Association, formally known as WISA, annually organizes TSD rally. This annual event of WISA is very well participated every year. The event has grown and is part of Indian National TSD Rally championship. The localites will get an opportunity to judge themselves against National participants.

The preparations of the event are in full swing. Nashikites will get an opportunity to see the National TSD Champions this year. The renowned hotel “EXPRESS INN” is the title sponsor of the event and 93.5 RED Fm is presenting and actively promoting the event in “Bajate Raho” style with associate sponsor as “Shubham water world” and York Tasting Room.

WISA Design

The Ceremonial start will be from express INN hotel on 27th September and actual event will start on 28th September from “Shubham water world” 20 km from Nashik on Trimbak road.

TSD means Time, Speed and Distance; all these three are the most important elements of the event. Across the world this is considered as the entry level motor sports. WISA has been organizing similar rallies for more than last decade. It is a feast for Nashik because round of National championship and local event will run concurrently on same day, September 28. In this event there are mainly two tasks for the competitor. One to remain on the route given by organizer just 1 minute before the start of each car and to travel at the ideal speeds asked by organizers. There are marshal points placed en-route and they will note the time of arrival at their location. The penalties are calculated on the basis of difference between the actual arrival time and expected arrival time. The detailed briefing will be given to all registered participants on Friday September 27th at 18.00 Hrs in Hotel Express INN.

National championship will have two classes PRO and STOCK. PRO class competitors are allowed to use all gadgets as Tripy, GPS, Teratrip, computers etc. where as in STOCK no such equipment is allowed except programmable calculator. This rally will run for around 200 Km. Entry fees for National event is Rs. 20,000/- and total cash prize is more than Rs. 2, 00,000/-

For locals two events will run, one for 4 wheelers and another for 2 wheelers. They will detour in a half way of National event and will run for 100 Km. Entry fees for 4 wheeler are Rs. 3000/- and for 2 wheeler Rs. 1500/- Team WISA is preparing various aspects under the leadership of Sameer Burkule as COC of event. Total of around 75 timing marshals are required for the event. The enrolment is on and trainings have already started.

For details of event or to given entry contact WISA on 0253-2316067 or Competitors Relations Officers SUHAS 9850810977 or DINESH 9422247345 or log on to www.wisa.org.in

Entries for local event will close on Thursday September 26.

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