Artificial intelligence (AI) Powered Indra Nagar UnderPass – Nashik Getting Smarter

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Indra Nagar Underpass remains famous for the chaos of traffic in the area and a headache for Nashik traffic police.

But recently the underpass got an upgrade with the help of AI (Artificial intelligence), how? let me explain.

To understand how this AI work you need to understand what was the problem.

The problem of Indiranagar underpass: 

I wrote an article a few months back explaining how the situation is getting worst day by day due to a Bottlenecks at Indra Nagar.

The traffic was going haywire from both sides and it was giving a difficult time to traffic police for management of the traffic.

indra nagar underpass

First, they try putting a limitation for hight of a heavy vehicle entering the underpass, which was not as useful as accepted.

Then a proposal for traffic signal was proposed which was never applied on the ground and people of Indra Nagar waited endlessly for Indiranagar road signal.

At any given day time there was around 4-5 traffic police deployed to manage traffic at the underpass.

in the end, everything went into the vain.

Then, they converted underpass as a one-way pass. which was a good idea but people of Nashik was not following the rule and the bottleneck started to appear again.

I personally started giving up hope, on the solution of the underpass.

You can create rules which can make life easy but you can not simply hope from people to follow them.

Even with Rs 66 crore approved budget by National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for decongesting various chowks and roads under its jurisdiction in the Nashik city was not helping and nothing seems to solve this issue.

Then to my surprise, something high tech happened, with the help Artificial intelligence the system was installed to manage traffic and fine people who were not following the one-way traffic rule.

What is Artificial intelligence (AI)?

Being in the IT industry for 15 years now, I have a fair amount of knowledge about how machine work. But Artificial Intelligence or famously known as AI  is making a machine learn about human.

AI basically work in three principal :

  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving

In our underpass issue, the AI sense the wrong direction of traffic and warns motorists that they are approaching the underpass from the wrong direction.

If they ignore the alarm and continue into the underpass, the cameras inside will proceed to take their photos. The photos, with the registration number of the vehicle, clearly showing, will be sent to a police server.

The traffic department will then initiate the necessary legal action.

Lighting inside the underpass will also be improved to ensure photos of the vehicles are clear.

AI in Action

Interested seeing the action in real life?  No, don’t go ahead and break the traffic rule to just to see the working of AI in the underpass. Here is the video for you :

So, what do you think of the initiative of Nashik traffic policy? Do you think this will last and people of Nashik will start following traffic rules? Why can’t we just follow rules without even AI watching us?

Post the comments below about your views and I will be happy to start conversations with you.


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