Beat the heat with popular summer coolers

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page3nashikSummer is already started setting in, and as mercury level goes soaring, chilled drinks are the must have. Here are top five summer chillers to relish and for these, you need not step into any cafe or juice centres.

Nimbu paani/ Shikanji: Most popular summer quencher with the goodness of lemon. This cooler is very much the part of Indian families during summers. It comprises Vitamin C with the right dose of salt and sweetness (calorie conscious persons may opt for honey instead of sugar) which is almost a must-have to deal with the rising temperatures.


Buttermilk: Chhaas with a pinch of salt along with finely crushed cumin seeds and mint leaves/coriander leaves are just a perfect and healthy drink for summers. Not only does it keep you cool but also benefits you by keeping the digestion process right on track. And for health freaks, this is one drink which doesn’t make you gain calories.


Lassi: This blended yogurt smoothie is very popular — though, to enjoy it at its best, stop thinking of calorie consumption! Curd added to a little amount of chilled water and sugar followed by your favourite flavour such as khus or gulab — nothing can beat this combo. And,


aa page3nashikAam panna: And what can be better than the flavour of the season i.e. raw green mango. No prizes for guessing the recipe we are refering to which is aam panna. With right blend of raw mango, jaggery, black salt and cardamom, this drink cannot go wrong. It helps you fight the sunstroke and is great for gastrointestinal troubles.page3nashik


Kokum sharbat: Much popular in Konkan areas, this summer cooler has the goodness to beat sunstroke as well as enhance your digestion. Its tangy flavour surely refreshes you!

So be sure you stock the basic ingredients in your kitchen to prepare these coolers!




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