BigBasket Say’s Good Bye To Nashik

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There is very few company’s operation in Nashik, which I really admired and use on regular basis. One of them is BigBasket, which is aiming to cross the R6,000-crore turnover mark by 2018. But it was very unfortunate to know that they are leaving Nashik. Why ? Well as per their official email to the customers of Nashik :

We didn’t get the expected levels of business from Nashik inspite of all the efforts to market our services. This had made the unviable to continue.

BigBasket will close all operation from 5th Of December 2016. BigBasket was serving Nashik from almost one year now and personally I was using them on regular basis because of the simple reason of timely delivery and quality, I am Traveller and businessman on the move, for me service like Bigbasket was really handy.

Well, this is not new for Nashik,  In January 2016, Gurgaon-based on-demand delivery start-up Grofers shut down operations in Nashik giving the same reason.

BigBasket Nashik

I feel like the initial euphoria dying out. Perhaps, it’s time to fine-tune those less-than-perfect business models and scrap the ones that have failed to help the businesses scale up.

On my personal note : I will miss you BigBasket and I really hope that you will come back to Nashik and at the same Time I will surly keep using BigBasket in Mumbai and Delhi.  

 Below are some FAQ’s from that Email : 

  1. What will happen to orders that I have already placed?
    All confirmed orders will be delivered as per the committed time slot till
    5th December 2016.
  2. What will happen to the money in my wallet?
    Your money will remain in your wallet associated with your login ID. You
    can use the money in your wallet to place orders in your city till 5th December 2016.
    You can also use it to place orders in other cities where we operate. You also have the choice of requesting a refund by calling our customer care on 1860-123-1000.
    All refunds will be made to the most recently used creditcard or netbanking account that you have transacted with. Please note that we cannot refund the amount credited to you as bigbasket guarantees.
  3. I have only Cash on Delivery (COD) orders, how will I get my wallet refund?
    Please share your account details with us over email ([email protected]) or by calling our customer care on 1860-123-1000. We will transfer the funds to your account electronically. Please note that we cannot refund the amount credited to you as part of bigbasket guarantees.
  4. I have a negative balance in my wallet, what do I do?
    We request you to clear your outstanding dues with bigbasket by placing orders with us. Alternatively you can find the bb Wallet with the outstanding amount.
  5. What will happen to my ID?
    It will continue to exist and you can use it for orders in other cities where we operate. You can also send gifts to friends & family living in other cities where we operate.

P.S: Special Thanks to Jimmy

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