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11visarajan2The city police has put strict ban on the use of laser lights and spray guns during the Ganesh idols immersion process on Wednesday. This decision was put forth due to the illegal usage of the street lights. It has been observed that in several places the street lights were turned off and power was stolen from the distribution pillars (DP) of MSEDCL by the Ganesh stalls and booths.

All the office bearers of the many mandals in the city were brought together and informed about the ban of the laser show during the immersion processions. Also, the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) (zone I) Sahebrao Patil informed that the mandals availing the laser lights will be booked by the police.

DCP Patil also announced that close circuit television cameras will be put up at Dhumal point, Dudh bazaar, Gadge Maharaj statue, Badshahi corner, Ashok Stambh, Raviwar Karanja, Malegaon stand, Panchavati Karanja and Mhasoba Patangan.

The following mandals can queue up their respective processions behind the processions of the five traditional Ganesh mandals, the Nashik Municipal Corporation, Raviwar Karanja, Gulalwadi, Sakshi Ganesh and Nashik Cha Raja, the police said. However, the processions at the back can take over if there is a significant gap between any two processions.

6df24a5f360cbb9fbed7a1f48127-grandeThe city will be under strict surveillance with the help of a platoon of the State Reserve Police Force, Riot Control Police, two striking force, five assistant commissioners of police, 11 police inspectors, 22 assistant police inspectors and sub inspectors, and 13 trainee sub inspectors. Patil said that 250 men and 35 women cops will be stationed in different parts of the city, who will be assisted by 150 male and 50 female home guards.

The immersion procession will begin at 2 pm on Wednesday from Wakadi Barav and end at Mhasoba Patangan. In Nashik Road area, the ultimate point will be the Waldevi River.

The mandals take undue advantage of the available electricity connections and use it for self purposes like the laser shows. The ban is imposed to avoid the hindrances caused to the public at large.  Also, commuters will not be allowed to take the procession route on that day.

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