Construction of new bridges for Kumbh Mela

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As days pass, the preparations for the mega event Kumbhmela 2015 are taking new heights. Prior, the NMC decided to install 9 solar operated traffic signals for a hassle free zone, the NMC comes up with a new proposal for construction of 2 new bridges in the city.

NMC has urged for bids of Rs. 10.31 crore to construct 2 bridges, 1 on Godavari River and other on Waldevi River. The bridge on Godavari River is closer to the sewage treatment plant (STP) at Agartakli worth Rs. 5.99 crore and the one on Waldevi River is parallel to the existing bridge for an amount of Rs. 4.62 crore.

bridges-on-river-roopnarayanThe contract is offered to experienced contractors who have done similar works for the state government, central government or semi-government organizations through online tenders.

According to current statistics, 75 lakhs pilgrims and 3 lakhs sadhus are expected to be a part of the Simhastha Kumbh mela. Taking these statistics into consideration, an engineer of Public Works department (PWD) informed, ‘This is part of our Kumbh works. The bridges are being constructed; keeping in mind the influx of pilgrims and heavy flow of traffic during themela. The bridge at Agartakli is to be constructed on the middle ring road, while the one at Deolaligaon will be built on the outer ring road of the city. Since the existing bridge at Deolaligaon is quite old, it is essential to build another one parallel to it to manage the crowd”.

NMC is figuring out all the possible challenges during the grand mela and are taking due efforts from the beginning to ensure the city is ready to cater to all the needs of the pilgrims and others.

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