Why is the crime against women in Nashik not given a stoppage?

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They say ‘working without safety is a dead-end job’. So why is it that in spite of the prearranged safety measures by the police of Nashik, there is no stoppage in the crime against women in Nashik? Crimes against women have shot up by 46% across the state in the year 2013. An alarming newsflash says that there is an incredible increase in the rate of rapes and abetment of suicide calculated for the year 2014, which is an upsetting news for the cops of Nashik city.

90% of the married ladies face problems at in-laws after marriage like pressurising for dowry, physical and verbal abuse as well as domestic rapes. These factors lead to the abetment of suicide of married ladies due to the torture of in-laws. Apart from such domestic crimes the ratio of girls getting raped is also on an alarming rise. It was knock-out for the Nashik police to have a look at a rise in the number of registered complaint of these two cases in the city. The matter of concern for the cops of Nashik is that the figures for these crimes till October 2014 have surpassed the numbers of 2013 and 2012 already.

Figures for the cases of outraging the modesty of a women and harassment by their in-laws registered with the police have risen by 13% in Nashik city till October 2014 as compared to the cases recorded in the year 2013. Manisha Kashid, Assistant Police Inspector of Women’s Security Cell of the Police Commissionerate, talks to Page3nashik about the concern regarding the safety of women in Nashik “Women in the city are troubled about their safety. This is recognizable from the fact that our office gets at least two applications daily for intervention. We attempt to reach to a level of compromise between the married couple through counselling. If that is impossible, such cases are sent to the court for filing divorce or the women is asked to exercise her right of filing a complaint in a police station against the man or people who are tormenting her.”

Innumerable cases are registered at the prison cell regarding the crime against women and the cell officials try to sort out most of the cases on their own level. Last year, the cell received 627 applications, of which the cell officials managed to reach a compromise in 238 cases, 255 cases were sent to the court in a no-compromise situation and in 111 cases concerned woman filed a complaint against their husband or in-laws. Whereas this year, the cell received 446 applications so far, of which 127 cases women went back to live with their husband after a compromise, 85 cases have been sent to court and offences have been filed in 138 cases. Kashid said, “There are numeral issues that give rise to the rift between married couples. In most of the cases, it is the intervention by the in-laws of a woman that triggers a conflict between the husband and the wife. In many cases, men have a tendency to doubt the character of their wife.”

Kashid is of the opinion that these problems are discovered among all the classes of the society. Wealthier the family is, the harder it becomes to reach a compromise between the couple. She points out that money power can destroy the life of a couple. She also revealed that these problems are more predominant among couples who have been married from six months to seven years.

Focusing on other crimes against women, till October-end 2014, there have been 20 cases of in-laws abetting the suicide of their daughter-in-laws against 15 cases in the last year, there have been 20 cases of rape against 19 cases in the last year and 174 cases of harassment by in-laws against 175 cases in the last year. So the number of cases of crime against women is rising, in spite of increased security for women in the city. Officials said that they have structured services for a woman that assures women approaches the police if she faces any problems at the domestic front in their locality, workplace or educational institutes. Officials confirmed that a lady officer has been made available at all the police stations, keeping a woman’s comfort zone in mind.

A lady officer attending the girl with a complaimt at Nashik police station

A lady officer attending the girl with a complaimt at Nashik police station

Safety tips for women:

-It will be safer for a single woman to live or travel with at least one or two people.

– For a women, your safety can be ensured only if you stand against the crime and learn to say no to any injustice  your in-laws are indulging into.

– In terms of rape cases, our police officials are making sure that the rapist is punished for the ruthless offence. Women should not travel alone at the late hours of a day and make sure a trustworthy person accompanies you at such odd hours.

– Call 100 in case you feel threatened or shout to grab attention or help on a road.

-For working women, ask your company to ensure your safety by making arrangements for your stay in safe locality through their known and reliable contacts. Arrange for a safety door before arranging for a main door for your apartment. In budgeting your travel or rent expenses, make sure safety is your no. 1 priority.

– Never accept food or drinks from strangers, especially when you are partying.

– Avoid body contact with men you have just met or have known them for over a few days. Your eye contact with strangers should be short term and never intimate. Set your boundaries with your body language.

– Never get into a cab or bus that has one man sitting in there.

– Never agree to meet men, you barely know, at their residence or hotel.

– Golden rule for the safety of women is that wherever you are be alert to your environment and the people around you at all times. If you are not comfortable, it is not O. K. Move out of the place immediately that pushes you into an uncomfortable zone.Listen to your instinct and don’t second guess it.

While our police officials are reassuring the facilities provided for women’s safety, crime rate is surely going to fall down. We hope that the preventive measures taken for the women of Nashik works well in regards of their safety. Women on the other hand should be alert in all situations. Your safety is in your hands. Let’s be optimistic about the safety of women in Nashik in the year 2015!!

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