Dengue Awareness Campaign in Nashik

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Dengue- a common disease witnessed these days is taking a toll in Nashik as well. To take curative measures Nashik Municpal Corporation (NMC), with the support of its medical department is taking preventive steps to reduce the increasing number of deaths due to dengue. The medical department of NMC will conduct a Dengue Awareness Campaign in the city from next week.

Dengue_Fever_symptomsThe objective behind this campaign is to create awareness among the citizens about the symptoms, precautions and other such necessary information related to this disease.

The medical department has already started conducting house visits for health checkups, and to identify whether any likely breeding of the dengue mosquito. According to the sources NMC officials have already visited 5,291 households and examined 24,712 people. Out of these 6 are detected as dengue suspects, their blood samples have been sent for test and the results are awaited.

One of the medical superintendents, Mr. B R Gaikwad informed, “Such symptoms are observed because of the seasonal changes. October was a little warm and thus the breeding of mosquito’s increased. We will erect hoardings at various squares of the city, particularly in regions that are more dengue-prone like Panchavati and Nashik Road”.

He also added, “A plan has been sent to the public relations department, which dengue-alerts01will be forwarded to the municipal commissioner for approval. We expect to start the campaign next week. Dengue mosquitoes breed in fresh water. We are checking the water quality in these households and also checking the family members for any likely symptoms of the disease.”

We, the team of Page 3 Nashik, support the precautionary awareness campaign taken by NMC’s medical department and hope it will help Nashikites and reduce the intensity of spreading the disease.


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