Earthquake felt in Nashik, Palghar

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Tremors were felt in Peth and Jawhar talukas of Nashik and Palghar district respectively on Friday night, the Maharashtra Engineering and Research Institute (MERI) said.

Tremors measuring 2.1 on Richter scale were felt in Bhaygaon village, about 24 kms to the north of Nashik city in Peth taluka at 9.06 pm on Friday, the authorities at district disaster management office (DDMO), Nashik collectorate said. On Saturday morning, locals in Jawhar taluka of neighbouring Palghar district too felt the tremors.

The villagers from Gonde, Bhaygaon, Deogaon, Nirgude and adjoining villages rushed out of their houses in the open after the earthquake.

The talathi and the police patil of the villages quickly called up the DDMO and informed about the situation.

The regions of Peth, Surgana, Kalwan, Deola and Baglan often experience such tremors. On July 10, 2018, an earthquake of 2.7 magnitudes was reported in Bhaygaon village.

An earthquake of 3.2 Richter scale has hit Surgana, Abhona, Kanashi on several occasions.

The taluka administration quickly rushed its teams to the villages asking the villagers not to panic and advised them to take precautions during such a situation.

“It is always advisable to ensure that people take all the precautionary measures when they feel such tremors. The training about the same has already been given to a large number of residents in the region, though not all. There are volunteers to help people in such a situation,” the officer said.

The DDMO, Prashant Waghmare also pointed out that since only light tremors have been felt, so there are fewer chances of huge tremors affecting the area. However, all precautionary measures are required to be taken by the people,” the officer added.

News Sorce: TOI

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