Elevators at Civil hospital

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One of the two elevators in Nashik’s civil hospital awaiting maintenance and repairs, is likely to be operational soon,by the electrical department of the Public Works Department (PWD’s). The PWD has carried out the maintenance of the elevator which was inoperative for more than 4 months.

According to officials of the hospital, there are two elevators in the hospital – the first one is near the office and the other at the far-end of the passage. Both are large enough to carry patients on stretchers. The first lift has been out of order for the last 4 months and hence was closed down. After inspection, the officials found that the machine to be in good condition and decided to change the panel and the circuit of the elevator.

Hospital-ElevatorsThe repairs were carried out at a cost of Rs 5.5 lakh and an automatic system was introduced to ensure optimum usage of the elevator. The doors of the elevator, around 15 years old, had been reduced to junk, largely due to spitting of tobacco and gutkha. In order to ensure safety of the people, they had to be changed. The maintenance of the second lift would also be taken up at the earliest.Since this lift was out of order, the second lift has been used extensively; as a result, it has developed some technical snags.

The estimate for the repairs of the second elevator would be prepared once the first one becomes operational.The maintenance work of the lift will be done in the next financial year. This provision for the city would be of utmost reliable importance as hospitals had to face many difficulties due to improper functioning of the lifts.So this would apparently be a good task at the end for Nashik.

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