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Good news for sports persons and enthusiast readers. Nashik city will be getting its first exclusively library  for sports books in the near time. This particular library will focus on acquiring books related to sports and fitness.

The benevolent act of district sports minister Mr. Sanjay Sabnis has made this possible. A dedicated spacious hall with cupboards and racks has been offered by him to store the books for public usage and benefits. The library will be housed at the Chhatrapati stadium. Mr. Mandar Deshmukh, secretary of Nashik district Kho Kho association, is the brainchild behind having a devoted sports library in Nashik. He says, ” In a week’s time the library will come into being.” He also adds that he was delighted by the responses, appreciation and support received from the public at large.
This initiative was collectively taken by a group of zealous sports lovers of the city who have formed a group summoned as “Milun Saare’ in order to compliment veteran V V aka Bal Karmarkar, the Marathi sports writer, on his 75th Birthday on Sunday. This is not it, to give him a tribute the veteran Mr. Karmarkar was weighed against sports books which were then handed over to the library to come into being.

Nashik adds yet another feather to its achievement list as this library is the 2nd exclusive sport book library after the HD Kanga Library in Mumbai. We believe that people will support and encourage all such initiatives taken in the city now and always.

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