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1848142-001The new flyover in Nashik is the hot-spot for Nashikities and people visiting Nashik. The sun-splashed and smoother roads have resulted in easy commuting. But, unfortunately not everybody is privileged to taste the superb ride.

Two-wheelers and three-wheelers cannot take the flyovers in Nashik due to safety and security grounds. Flyovers are meant for speed and an uninterrupted drive. None the less, it has been observed in the city that bikes and rickshaws take the banned road. And the reason is the absence of proper ‘sign boards.’

The commuter are not to be accused, it is the lack of the apt signage which has created violation of the traffic norms. These unaware commuters land up paying hefty amounts to the cops coming out of nowhere while riding on the flyovers.

The newly constructed flyover which is supposedly the fifth one in the city starting from K K Wagh College to Bhujbal farm and also is the longest flyover restricts two-wheelers and three-wheelers to run over it. But how does one come to know about it when there is no such thing which specifies ‘BAN.’?

bike no entryMany commuters have been complaining on the same. Despite of the grumbles, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is taking its own leisure time to assign the sign boards on the flyovers.

“We will look into the issue and ensure that sign boards are put up,” an NHAI official without even précising the date and time to do the same.

In this case we would ask all our followers to spread the word of mouth and protect your friends and colleagues from paying hefty penalty till the time you see a sign board which alerts you from taking the banned flyover.

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