From The Heart of an IT Guy

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I am writing this post on behalf of all the IT managers in the world. When I embarked my journey as an IT guy, I did work in a non – IT company and this post is just about all my experiences from my initial job for all IT Guys :

1. Don’t argue with me.

If you need help some technical guidance and that is delivered by an IT guy then kindly do not argue when you do not agree with his answers or are unsatisfied with the help rendered. If you think you know more about technical stuff then we do then why are you asking me? On that same note, if I am arguing with you, it’s because I’m certain that I am correct.

2. If you say you’re an idiot for doing something bad with your system, I’ll simply agree ; -)

If you say “I’m an idiot”,  you will not make my day nice by saying this or you will not make me laugh and/or  feel sorry for you.

All you will succeed in doing is reminding me that yes, you are, indeed and you have added one more task on my to-do list.

3. Don’t lie to us, we’ll find out anyway.

We understand we all are human and we all tend to make mistakes but please do not lie to us about any file you deleted or just by saying that you have not done anything wrong which got you into system failure. Sooner or later we will find out the reason but your lie will just make us work overtime.

So please tell us the exact stuff you did, it will really save your and as well as my day.

4. We might look awesome and some kind GURU to you (and this is true also), but even we have limitations.

Please Please and Please we don’t have any power button which says “Click me and I will fix everything”. Tree takes time to grow, even light takes 8 minute to reach earth from sun. Everything in this world requires some time and takes some amount of work to fix. If we say it may take some time, then believe us and if I tell you that you need to re-write your sales sheet which you deleted one week back then you need to re-do your work as we can not bring back dead people back 🙁

5. Don’t mark everything as urgent.

Yes we understand every thing is urgent but please, not everything you ask us to do is “urgent”. If you keep marking your email as urgent .. its probably end up in last in the queue.

6. HELP !!! HELP !!!!

Ok! We understand, We understand you are totally screwed up and we will like to help you out. But hey, it was not our fault !

7. We don’t have jets on our back.

Once you are in flight you can not push the pilot to flow at the speed of sound, similarly if any application needs time to install then it will take its sweet time.  Reminding us about same issue again and again is not going to help, you will just make your self look like an annoying person nothing more than that. We have great reminder system and smart phones to do your job, so don’t worry we are not going to leave you alone.

8. We like to read and read, so please don’t call for telling us that you have mailed us.

Yes, we have a notifier

9. Don’t cry.

We may, at times, seem blunt and rude. It’s not that we mean to, we just don’t have the time to sugar coat things for you. We assume that we are both adults and can handle the reality of a problem. If you did something wrong, don’t be surprised when we tell you. We don’t care that it was a mistake because, honestly, it makes no difference to us. Please don’t take it personally, we just don’t want it to happen again.

10. Some Facts .

Yes, I can see what pages you are opening and can also trace all email sent but the does not mean i have a lot of time to go through every page you visited and every mail that is sent or received. Why ? Because i don’t care… simple 😉

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