Galaxy S IV (May Have “Unbreakable” Screen )

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Ok, After personally using Galaxy I and Galaxy III, I was tempted to do some research on Samsung Galaxy IV CodeName “Project  J”, Yes that is what people at Samsung Electronics call “Galaxy S IV”.  As per a article @ TOI “Mobile division chief JK Shin, development of the new Galaxy S IV could be aimed for release by as early as April”.

We can see Galaxy S IV in market by end of APRIL with  Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean. Galaxy S III (The one I am using right now) was in market at end of May 2012, Looks like Samsung has something to do with April and May Launch. Maybe a Rat Race with Apple Inc’s iPhone.

Report say’s, The new Galaxy S IV will have “unbreakable screen”, But i personally not very much tempted to this news.  All Galaxy Series S, S2 and S3 all are using Corning’s Glass for protection. This specially designed glass is made by company called Corning is know for making damage-resistant glass and apart from this even if that much pressure is given to phone and the unbreakable glass survive will the body of phone can take the damage ?

Samsung Galaxy series phone is know for there display (Screen) they work hard to give tough time to Apple with OLED Display may be they are working on unbreakable screen to protect there master peace  ;-).

Lets look into technical part of the the new Galaxy S IV  which expected to have a 13 mp camera, a bigger and better display (I wonder how big this will be ), with pixel density improving to  441 pixels per inch (ppi) , Wow this is much bigger then what I am using now (S III) which is having 306 ppi and the iPhone 5 has 326 ppi.

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