Head over Heels in Love with Zumba

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The term Zumba has caught the world in a frenzy with its fast paced moves and racing music. For most fitness enthusiasts, Zumba has become a vital part of their workout regimes. Imagine taking the passion of Zumba to the extent of turning it into a celebration on a day when the world celebrates love. The Valentine Day 2015 was unique for Devlalietes.

Go Zoom Zoom Zumba...

Go Zoom Zoom Zumba…

On one hand while the entire city were stuck by the attack of the “Cupid’s bow”, a group of dancers had their unique yet musical way of spreading health awareness and promoting Zumba fitness regimes. With powerful slogans like “Zumba is cheaper than therapy.” The dancers enthralled the audience with their soaring spirits. The audience seemed captivated and exhilarated at this very own and unique dance style. They danced to the tunes of Bollywood and shaked a leg to the latest western numbers and proposed a healthy and a musical style of fitness. A group of dancers under the able guidance of their instructor Dipti Vaidya, a certified Zumba instructor performed at Subhash High School, Devlali camp on Valentines Day.

Fitness and a dash of love

Fitness and a dash of love

What initially commenced as a mere dancing performance soon metamorphosised into a full fledged zumba promotional event which witnessed an astounding presence and participation from the audience.

Zumba is very simple yet an energetic dance form and therefore has become very popular. Its simple moves makes it so easy for people of all ages to match steps with it. It can be done by people of all age groups. No wonder people from the age group of three years right to septuagenarians were present at this unique event. Deepti Vaidya, who is the daughter of an ex army officer and conceptualized this event shared her thoughts with page3. Looking at the way Zumba continues to climb the popularity charts and the way our event was received by the people of Devlali, we’d soon be out with our new and customised classes for kids. Deepti holds a degree in metallurgy and is also a qualified Reiki practitioner.

Towards the culmination of the event, few prizes were also distributed to the audience which gave a further boost to their already soaring spirits.

We wish that people Deepti and her tribe increase and continue to hep people to lead better quality of lives.


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