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Janmashtami also known as Krishnashtami or Gokulashtami is celebrated as Lord Krishna’s birthday, the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu. This festival is celebrated every year by Hindus all over the country with great joy and enthusiasm. Krishna is the 8th son of Devaki and Vasudev, born in Mathura. Janmashtami is celebrated as ‘Dahi Handi’ in Maharashtra locality.

janmashtamiThe celebration includes chanting of Krishna songs, dancing and fasting. School children Children dress up in the form of Goddess and God, Radha and Krishna. At all temples on the birth ceremony, festivities begin before dawn and extend all day until midnight, the exact moment of the anniversary of Krishna’s appearance. Abhisheka ceremony takes place and the lord is placed in the cradle while the devotees sing bhajans and celebrate the birth of the lord.

Dahi handi celebration evokes the playful and mischievous side of Lord Krishna. A group of people break this handi which is filled with butter milk and is positioned at a height. The groups of humans climb making pyramids and the person at the top of the pyramid breaks the handi and the buttermilk is spilled over the group. This is marked as an achievement on the holy day.

10 interesting facts of Lord Krishna:

1.  Lord Krishna is always seen in blue color in all his sculptures, but he was not of that color. This blue color indicates his vast and infinite majestic powers.

2.  The peacock feather which is always on his crown indicates that he accepts all the responsibilities with lightness.

3. In Hindu mythology it is believed that Lord Krishna has 16000 wives. He married them to save their dignity and honor. 8 wives known as “Ashtha Bharya” were close to him. Ashtha means 8 and bharya means wife. He never married Radha.

b29f17bb-8c87-4806-a07f-c7959b358c49HiRes4. The fact that the 8th son of Devaki and Vasudev will be killed by the cruel Kansa, Vasudev handed Lord Krishna to Nand and Yashoda.

5. Krishna killed his own maternal uncle- Kansa, who was known for his reckless and cruel behavior.

6. He saved the people of Vrindavan by lifting the Govardhan Parvat on his little finger and killed the pride of Lord of rains- Indra.

7. The words of the epic book ‘Bhagavad Gita’ are termed as words of wisdom by Lord Krishna.

8. He killed the demoness Putana, who with the order of Kansa tried to kill Lord Krishna by her poisoned milk.

9. Lord Krishna tamed the Kaliya snake that poisoned the river Yamuna and is believed that he danced on the multi headed snake.

10. Lord Krishna saved Draupadi’s dignity, who was embarrassed in front of the ‘Raj Sabha’.

All these interesting facts make lord Krishna one of the most adored holy powers. Page 3 Nashik wishes all the devotees a very Happy Janmashtami, Hare Krishna!!!

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