Lamborghini Huracan: Mobil 1 Great Car on a Great Road Of Mumbai – Nashik

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With a huge roar and on a huge widespread stretch of the road,  Lamborghini Huracan drives its way to the section of National Highway 3 that connects Mumbai to Nashik and beyond . Wide, largely smooth and free from the chaos of the usual city traffic, it’s a road where Lamborghini Aventador went supersonic a few winters ago. Lamborghini have now launched their latest edition of cars – the Huracan. As most of you must’ve guesstimated that it’s the successor of the mighty Gallardo with baffling features to accentuate its run. Here are some of its bizarre details and numbers to get you up to speed:

  • 2 litre V10
  • 602bhp
  • 0 to 100kph in 3.2 seconds
  • Top speed of 325kph

0_468_700_http---’t Lambos supposed to be all about painful ergonomics and temperamental switches? The only unusual touches over here are the reverse gear that’s activated by a handle and the window switches for opening and closing the windows. What is simplified over here is the steering mounted buttons for the lights and indicators. Well then, let’s surge our Lambos to the road with less to worry about its complicated switches.

With all the above complications pushed out of sight, the Huracans for India have an additional “lift” feature that raises the front of the car by a crucial four centimetres when needed. Now that seems to be an interesting feature to drive on Indian roads and not worry about the bumpy road trips!! What staggers your nerves further is the relatively angelic ‘Strada Mode’. Anima switch on the steering basically controls the engine maps, steering response and the seven-speed dual clutch gearbox’s shift points. In short, it lets you decide how wild your proceedings can be.

The sound, the ferocity of the acceleration, the imminence of the response of the car was just so illusory. Expectedly, 0_468_700_http--- four-wheel-drive Huracan is terrifically grippy at the divisions of the road, be it a curvy turn or a straight-smooth road. Kasara Ghat is the best drive-through for a red bull Lambo because the road works its way up beautifully well. The 100 KM route to Igatpuri from Thane is a straightforward road but all you have to do is keep an eye out for bumpy sections. Also note, traffic till Bhiwandi bypass can be haphazard, so keep an eye out for the two-wheeler users trying to cut across the highway.

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Huracan is fast, dramatic and a maniac as only a Lambo can be. Hit the road with a Lamborghini and experience the unexpected!!

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