Liquor shops in Nashik will remain closed for 12 days

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Liquor shops in Nashik will remain closed for 12 days from August 27 to September 19, as the district administration has proposed to keep the liquor shops closed two days prior to the Parvani day, the day of the parvani and the day after.

There will be three parvanis in Nashik from August 29 to September 18, meaning liquor shops going dry for 12 days. The District Collector has given an approval in-principle to the proposal of the city police to keep the liquor outlets closed two days prior to each Parvani, on Parvani day, and a day after each Parvani in the Kumbh Mela. If the proposal is approved, there will be 12 dry days in Nashik and 12 in Trimbakeshwar.

Officials of the Nashik State Excise department said that the last parvani in Trimbakeshwar will be on September 25. However, shops in the city may not be closed for four days in Nashik city for this Trimbakeshwar parvani. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Sachin Gore stated that the police have proposed four dry days for each Parvani to ensure safety during Mahakumbh. “This decision will help police to maintain law and order and avoid incidents like ruckus or stampede during Parvani days,” he said.

If the proposal gets approval from the District Collector, there will be a phase from September 11 to September 19, when the liquor shops would remain open only for a day. The second Parvani day is on September 13, while the third Parvani is on September 18. Considering the proposed schedule, the liquor shops will remain closed from September 11 to 14 for second Parvani and from September 16 to 19 for the third one.

While officials of the State excise in Nashik hinted that shops in Nashik city would not be closed for the last parvani in Trimbakeshwar on September 25, the city liquor vendors would still have to keep their outlets closed on September 27 as Anant Chaturdashi will be celebrated on this day and liquor shops are usually closed on this festival.

Source : TOI


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