Maharashtra Corporator, Mr. Pankaj Parakh gifts himself a Gold shirt!!

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Update: Maharashtra’s well-known businessman-politician Pankaj Parakh called ‘The Man With The Golden Shirt’ by his friends – has earned a place in the Guinness World Records (GWR).

Have you ever imagined yourself getting a luxurious gift on your Birthday? So on your birth day you might think I will gift myself a car,a bike, a cell phone ,a new House or tops I would say a world tour,but in your wildest dreams you wouldn’t think of Gold Shirt!!AND YES I MEAN AN LITERALL SHIRT MADE OF GOLD!

Maharashtra Corporator, Mr. Pankaj Parakh flaunts himself with a 22 carat Gold shirt weighing 4 kg on occasion of his 45thBirthday celebration.

A multi-millionaire from Yeola (Maharashtra) has treated himself with an exclusive real gold shirt ahead of his 45th birthday party.The outlandish textile tycoon Pankaj Parakh drew the attention of whole world flashing his pure gold shirt of 18-22 carat purity, in public recently.He is a renowned businessman who loves the shine of gold and is so much fascinated towards it that he himself has gifted a gold shirt. In his birthday celebration he not only intended to get noticed by the people but also the Guinness Book of World Records.It wouldn’t be wrong to say he has the M
idas touch!!

goldshirt3He was flankedby a team of bodyguards while walking on his home-town streets. A school quitter who made his fortune from his own garment fabrication business is no stranger to luxury. Whenever he walks on the streets in Yeola, the passers-by glare at him and women gaze at him as he is ornamented with gold jewelry weighing at least two-three kg.The Gold shirt was designed by Bafna Jewelers of Nashik and flawlessly executed by Shanti Jewelers at Parel in Mumbai, where a team of 20 select craftsmen spent around 3,200 hours in creating the bespoke shirt, over the past two months.The gold shirt weighs four kilos and is apparently costs 10pounds. The shirt has seven gold buttons which are flexible unlike the regular ones. The gold used in creating the shirt is 18-22 carat purity without mixing any other metal. It is lined with a thin cloth to add comfort, though the body of the apparel is smooth and it could be washed and rinse.

Mr. Parakh accepts he has been influenced with gold since the age of five and so he decided to make his 45th birthday “A Golden Happening”!

LXD2QLv“I never go out with less than 2-3 kg of gold jewelry,” Parakh said.“I had always been fascinated towards this royal metal since I was five and over the years that interest has become real passion.“In fact even during my wedding, 23 years ago, I sported more gold than the bride” he memorized.

He added: “My own family members are barely interested in my love for gold. They just ignore and accept it as a part of domestic life. But the rest of my extended family thinks I am eldritch”. Despite his love of flaunting his gold ornaments,he is one of the magnanimous persons we know of, Mr. Parakh financed 120 polio operations over the last five years and last year he spent a week volunteering to help those harmed peoples.“I also arrange for any requirements for poor people like medicines, food, blankets, from which I get huge satisfaction” He added.He further said “It needs a brave heart to wear a shirt like this, not only brave but also a gun like my fully licensed revolver which I carry with me whenever I go out”.Mr. Parakh is going to wear this exclusive, expensive outfit at an extravagant party planned for this weekend.

Page3Nashik wishes Mr. Pankaj Parakh “A Happy Golden Birthday”!!







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