Mayur Patil Talks About – Firefox OS education booth Contribution Challenge

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tumblr_inline_nmyty46T351rc3rtr_500The event is aimed at educating masses about Firefox OS the next open web technology on board. A booth will be set up one of the crowded shopping malls in Nasik city for the outreach and education on Firefox OS for the general public.   We will be showcasing the latest Firefox OS devices launched in India and let people try their hands on it.


The main aim is to let people know about Firefox OS and help them buy a device online if they are interested.
Volunteers from the Nasik Moizlla community will be helping with the outreach work.
Activities, questions, comments and suggestions will be recorded by the documentation volunteers to be shared with the wider audience.

We had 2 venues for this event:

1) City center mall

2) CAN IT and Mobile expo

tumblr_inline_nmyt3mdXBt1rc3rtr_500Both the Firefox booth were visited by approx. 10,000 attendees. The attendees were curious and showed willingness to learn the same and to buy the FirefoxOS Mobile phones. The volunteers got engaged in solving the various questions which the enthusiastic people had in their minds about FirefoxOS.

The booth was also having 4 cellphones which have been launched in India by the partnered companies. People were given hands-on experience of the phones, where they operated and witnessed the amazing FirefoxOS.

The following 8 aspects were explained to the crowd:

1) You don’t need an email ID to operate Firefox OS. In Android, you need to have a Gmail account to access most features of the operating system along with Google Play. In Firefox, users are not required to enter an email ID to access the operating system. This makes sense given the fact that Firefox wants to connect the masses to the Internet without any barrier.

2) Using Firefox smartphones are relatively easy when compared to Android. First-time smartphone users will not encounter much difficulty in operating the OS. The call, messaging, contacts and Firefox browser icons are always present on screen and the experience is more like using the home screen of Android with swiping left and right giving to access apps.

On the home screen, there’s a bar showing “I’m thinking of…” through which users are directed to Google search. Accessing Internet on the Firefox OS is very simple and user-friendly.

3) Firefox OS supports all major social networking apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Quora, Pinterest.

4) Very low internal memory. You will need a microSD card to start your multimedia experience with the device. So, if you don’t have one, add the price of a microSD card to the cost. Both handsets support up to 4 GB of external memory.

5) WhatsApp is not available directly. Yes, you got that right. The official WhatsApp instant messaging application is currently not there in Firefox Marketplace . “Users can connect to WhatsApp via third party app called ConnectA2,” said James Ho, senior director, Firefox Mobile Devices Group.

We tried to connect to WhatsApp on the Intex Cloud FX smartphone using the ConnectA2 third party app and we failed. ConnectA2 asked for nick name, country and mobile number to register. Then it asked to enter a six-digit code which the app sent via SMS. The SMS never arrived! We also tried the voice call feature to get the code but failed again.

The ConnectA2 app should have worked but we have no clue as to why it failed us on the Intex Cloud FX.

6) Popular games and apps missing. There’s no Angry Birds or Temple Run or Candy Crush or other other popular games. However, you can play Flappy Birds. The Firefox Marketplace is in a pretty nascent stage but soon you can expect more apps on the platform as apps can be easily ported.

7) Consumes less mobile data. Firefox OS uses web compression techniques which reduces mobile data consumption. Also, as both the devices are 2G only, the data consumption is low when compared to 3G enabled smartphone. So, users can expect 1 GB of data to last the entire month with average usage.

8) More battery life. You can expect both the Firefox handsets to have a greater battery life when compared to other low cost Android handsets.

tumblr_inline_nmytxoOyY71rc3rtr_500This is our hero Vishal Chavan being interviewed during the CAN IT Expo! Vishal talked about the ?#?FirefoxOS? powered cheapest smart phone, he also talked about Mozilla and Opensource smile emoticon smile emoticon ?#?FxOSNashik?

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