Nashik city to get City AC buses – AC City Bus planed route

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Nashik City may soon see Articulated Bus running on the street of the city.

The guardian minister of Nashik, CM Devendra Fadnavis (CM of Maharashtra) will soon perform a groundbreaking ceremony of the this AC City Bus in the light of upcoming 2019 Assembly election.

They are calling it Tyre based Nashik Metro, (I don’t know why ?) maybe they want to miss lead the people of Nashik in the name of the metro.

The Nashik metro is a long-awaited project which is called Greater Nashik Metro project, which is a totally different than this.

What is Articulated Bus?

Nashik AC BUS

The picture above is taken from Wikipedia and is an example of  Articulated Bus.

Basically, it is electric-powered two buses connected to each other.

These buses have high passenger capacity, due to which they are often used as part of bus rapid transit schemes, and can include mechanical guidance.

Proposed Bus Route

The AC Bus route will operate from Sharmik Nagar to Khadkali Signal, Sarda Circle in Satpur, Dwarka Chowk to Nashik Road will be one way.

There will be the main junction on this route in Amrit Garden Chowk on Satpur Road. The other way is to be from Mumbai, CBS Ashok Colony to Gangapur Village.

The government has already completed a feasibility study of 31 km of city roads in Nashik City and the work is expected to begin in 2-3 months from Now.

Both the routes will be interconnected at Loop Bardan Phata and Sharmik Nagar. There will be 29 stops. The two ways have been selected according to the PHPDT meaning ‘passenger on my direction transportation’.


The city is promised with so many promising projects and I am excited to see them completed on the ground.

Some of the projects which are lined up are :

What do you think of the Articulated Bus service (or so-called Nashik Metro)? do comment below.


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