Nashik is all geared up to knock off Dengue

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Hospitals flooded with dengue patients

Hospitals flooded with dengue patients

Dengue is spreading exceedingly in and out of Nashik city and some parts of Malegaon. The medical team from the city is all geared up to knock off Dengue. 75 out of 218 blood samples that were sent to Pune for analysis by health authorities have turned out to be positive. Some of which were also reported as Malaria.

Medical superintendent of Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC), Dr. J. Z. kothari, confirmed the news of 75 blood samples that had turned out to be positive for Dengue while remaining 41 were sample awaited. He added “The NMC is fully geared up to control the spread of the disease and has employed all the resources against it”.

NMC considers the spread of this disease as a critical subject matter. The health officers are spreading the word in the public, especially among the housewives, to get their blood tested as soon as there is any symptom of fever or nausea. Hospitals from Nashik are giving the patients instantaneous treatment so that the health of the patients doesn’t worsen. Precautionary measures by NMC will ultimately lead to the stunted growth of the diseases. One of the health officers, Dr. S. A. Bukane, says that the corporation had increased fogging and spraying throughout the city, especially in the affected areas. Commenting on the precautionary measures, he says “This mosquito larvae breeds in clean stagnant water like household utensils and water behind the fridge. It should be flushed out and not allowed to accumulate. We are also holding awareness drives and cleaning up tyres strewn in the city.”  Treat this as a warning call to all the ladies working in the house. Shield your children from such diseases by keeping your surroundings clean.


Cleaning up tyres strewn in the city for Dengue banishment

Deputy Director of health, Dr. B. D. Pawar said that dengue cases reported in Nashik and some pockets of Malegaon are increasing gradually, where as some isolated cases of Malaria have also been reported recently. Elsewhere in the Nashik division, which comprises of districts of Nashik, like Dhule, Jalgaon, Nandurbar and Ahmednagar, there were no such reports. People from Nashik have to be vigilant about this widespread. Alertness is what is required for the citizens of Nashik. We are fortunate enough to have medical assistance instantly by our doctors and Government hospitals. Road sweepers in Nashik are given an attention call to keep the city clean as much as they can and to use masks to avoid getting affected by the diseases.

As it was mandatory for private hospitals and doctors to report dengue patients, the NMC had started sending out notices to those who had not done so far. A majority of the cases had been reported from Nashik Road division with most patients seeking private medical assistance.  Hospitals are fully occupied with patients of dengue and malaria, so doctors are giving the patients full medical help staying at home. They just expect the patients to come to the hospitals to seize their daily dose from the hospital.

Preventive Measures

Preventive Measures

I’d like to cite some preventive measures for you to follow to avoid welcoming the disease:

  • Keep all the drains free from choke.
  • Cover all containers that hold water to prevent mosquito from accessing the water.
  • Properly dispose articles that are able to collect water such as empty boxes, cans and glass bottles.
  • Clear water in saucer of plants every week and clean saucers with brushes to remove mosquito eggs or larvae that may attach to the surfaces.
  • Change water in vases frequently.
  • Ensure that plastic sheets, canvas or tarpaulin used for weather protection in open areas are properly drained.
  • Clear the water accumulated on tray beneath refrigerator and air conditioners at least once a week.
  • Clear household garbage everyday by disposing into the refuse bins which are covered properly.
  • Avoid going near shrubby areas where adult mosquitoes usually rest during the day.
  • Install mosquito repellent screens on the window.
  • Report to EMO if there are any defective surfaces or drainage.

We can say Nashik is all geared up to knock off Dengue by implementing all important measures. This articulate endeavor by NMC has been productive for the citizens of Nashik and will ultimately lead to the banishment of the diseases. Keep up with the good work NMC!! Stay alert and stay safe!

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