Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) – criticized by the Corporations

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600775_10151486838498785_455583148_nNashik witnessed heavy rains on 6th June which led to massive destruction on the streets, shops, households and particularly slum areas, due to which the Corporations in a meeting at Nashik Road Divisional Committee of the NMC on Monday, criticized the administration for not completing the pre-monsoon works on time.

People saw water logging on the streets, vehicles submerged in deep rain water due to lack of proper sewage facilities. Under developed water storage provisions and other facilities put citizens in fix. Long hours load shedding and interrupted transport led furious citizens to protest on the streets.


The Corporations said that the careless attitude and the lack of interest for the work caused various problems to the people. The first rains, rather spreading joy and happiness caused trouble in the daily walk of life.

Page 3 Nashik appeals to the concerned on behalf of the public at large to take necessary precautions and deliver the best this monsoon.


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