Nashik onlist of Top 8 cities which will be developed as Smart City, Nashik Smart City!

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MOU signed between India & Japan states Kyoto,

The grandiose promise of building 100 smart cities has been part of Modi’s acche din vision from the outset. The Modi government has allocated Rs 7,060 crore (a little over $1.1 billion) in its maiden union budget to kick-start the smart cities project. The government plans to deliver three smart cities by 2019, all of which will be part of the larger project called Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).As per the first phase of development 8 cities will developed, namely

  1. Dadri-Noida-Gaziabad,
  2. Manesar-Bawal,
  3. Bhiwadi-Neemrana-Khushkhera,
  4. Jodhpur-Pali-Marwar,
  5. Pitampura-Dhar-Mahu,
  6. Ahmedabad-Dholera and
  7. Nasik-Sinnar

Wondering what will change if Nashik becomes Nashik Smart City? Imagine Nashik as a city where every home is connected to internet, gas, water and electricity via a smart grid. All citizens are linked to each other and to civic facilities in real time. The city uses renewable energy and its transport systems are controlled via central command centers to reduce traffic and pollution. In this city, there are no offensive smells, no noise, no dust, no heaving crowds. It is a smart city, the ideal city, It;s a Nashik Smart City.

Highlights of Smart Cities to be Built  In India

  • Computerized and Centralized Traffic Management,
  • Real Time traffic information on Website,
  • Centralized Traffic Lights control,
  • Automatic Kiosks at Roads, Railway stations and Public Places,
  • Computerized water management and control,
  • Rapid Transit System, Public Transportation, Metro Trans,
  • Pollution Free Cities, Proper arrangements for pollution control and
  • 24 Hours Electricity.
[/starlist] Pm visit to Japan sealed the deal for India Narendra Modi and Nation’s dream of Smart cities.The MOU signed between India & Japan states kangakuKyoto, will provide cooperation in the field of conservation and modernization of the city. Kyoto is one of the four Japanese cities being developed as part of Tokyo’s Smart City initiative.The others being Toyota City, Keihanna (Kyoto) City, Kitakyushu City and Yokohoma City. Sustainable growth is the need of the hour and smart cities are designed with an aim to encourage healthy economic activities that reduce the burden on the environment by adopting environmental-friendly procedures and technologies,  while improving the Quality of Life of the residents.Focus will be on recyclable energy sources, like wind and solar thus  cutting back CO2 emissions. Smart Cities focuses on fast and efficient establishment of electricity, water, buildings, transportation, communications, administrative services and other elements within the city.The city of Varanasi will be developed on the model of Kansai Science City . is situated in a hilly region that spans three prefectures- Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara Prefectures and is the location of eight municipalities. It is a newly constructed city to serve as a center of culture, learning, and research, a new cultural capital intended to open paths into the future.The main object of the Kyoto Science City project is directed towards the optimization of energy supply and demand on a global scale.A number of energy management systems, linked to the main power grid, will ensure optimization of the energy usage of the region.

The concept of Smart City is not unique to Japan. In Europe, the concept has been effectively adopted in developing cities and regions keeping in mind the needs of future.In  India,we have similar projects GIFT CITY, being hailed as India’s first Smart City is already under development near Ahmedabad, Gujarat.In Bangalore, Cisco is working to set up a smart grid-based Education City, where all the utilities will be integrated with data.Outside Mumbai, the Lodha group has given IBM a contract to build all data systems in their Palava city project. Kochi has a special economic zone that seeks to replicate Dubai’s smart city project.




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