NASHIK Petrol pumps will remain shut Indefinitely from Tuesday

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Nashik District Petrol Dealers’ Welfare Association has urged the citizens to co-operate during the ‘bandh’, saying that it is in their (citizens’) interests and that petrol will be cheaper by almost Rs 3 per litre if the government agrees to their demands. The association has also urged the people to fill their vehicles with petrol before the strike starts.


Price difference of nearly Rs 3
Fuel In cityOutside city
Petrol 80.07 77.22
Diesel 68.2065.47
Note: Prices in rupees per litre


No. of petrol pumps in district: 324
Pumps within city limits: 74
Petrol sold in city: Around 3 lakh litres per day in municipal limit
Diesel sold in city: Around 3.75 lakh litres per day

The difference in tax rates within and outside the city has resulted in lower prices at petrol pumps outside the city and affected the business of filling stations within the municipal limits. The situation is similar in all municipal corporations across the state. Moreover, the dealers have to pay 1.25% state specific cost to the state government. The petrol and diesel prices increase by almost Rs 4 a litre due to LBT and state specific cost.

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