Nashik Police appeal to motorists to remove stickers on vehicles

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The police have appealed to citizens to remove any stickers or symbols on vehicles that may identify them and provoke an attack.
The move comes after several cases of attacks on vehicles bearing stickers and symbols of particular communities were reported on Monday.

Police commissioner Ravinder Kumar Singhal said, “We have made an appeal to the people to remove such stickers. If they are not removed over a certain period of time, then we will have to take them off forcefully.”

After the alleged rape incident in Talegaon, vehicles with stickers indicating a particular community were attacked on the Mumbai-Agra Highway near Vilholi and elsewhere in the rural parts of the district on Sunday.

(Read Also:  Today, I was there when people where throwing stone) A few cases of attacks on vehicles and people were reported in the city and rural parts of the district as well. On Sunday night, a multi utility vehicle (MUV) was torched in the Jail Road area of Nashik Road after miscreants sighted a sticker of one party. Later in the day, there were two such incidents reported in the jurisdiction of the Gangapur police station.

Tension escalated in the Jail Road area again on Monday afternoon after miscreants were found targeting vehicles with certain stickers, while a biker was also beaten up after miscreants spotted stickers on his vehicle.

 The police said if the stickers are not removed after their appeal, they will take measures to remove the stickers forcefully in the coming days. The situation remained tense for the third day in some parts of the city and district.

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