Nashik police on a mission to spread awareness among school children

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Safety of an individual is a grave concern for the police department. Nashik police officials are on a mission to spread awareness regarding safety by visiting different schools and colleges from the city. Awareness will be about the precautionary measures to prevent common accidents such as road accidents, vehicle thefts, etc. Police officials have been spreading awareness about the safety of an individual since two years in the city. So this time they have targeted school children to inculcate the responsibility of creating a safe environment around them.

Through awareness programme, police are persuading the students from various institutions and schools to learn basic steps to stop thefts and accidents. This knowledge, in turn, will be directed to their parents for the need of safety. As they rightly say, safety first is safety always! The exercise will begin in the first week of January along with the Police Raising Day celebrations. During the exercise, students will also learn about the precautionary measures that are to be taken when they come across any suspicious objects or persons in their vicinity. Officials and personnel of all 11 police stations will be vigilant in visiting the institutions allotted to them before school hours.

Sandeep Diwan, deputy commissioner of police (Crime Branch), said “We have been spreading awareness regarding the safety over the past two years. This time we have strategized on approaching students from schools and colleges as they are more prone to accidents, thefts, etc. So an awareness programme for them becomes mandatory.” Officials even spoke about their past achievements on spreading awareness in the city. They said that they have undertaken various programmes like educating the citizens of Nashik with the help of hoardings showcasing about preventing burglaries, vehicle thefts, chain snatching, cheating on the pretext of criminals being cops, etc. Police have solicitously worked on creating an audio clip about the safety measures, which is displayed in public places and residential areas. An addition to the awareness programme induced by the police is the distribution of pamphlets to the people on precautionary measures while visiting a bank. There are many instances where people in banks are burgled by criminals, who will offer them exchange currency notes or help them in counting the money. Rickshaw and bus drivers are given a lecture on the safety of children and have also mentioned them about the punishment against a crime. Such instances are not rare but police is helping the citizens to escape such unsafe occurrences.

Cops to awaken the drivers of rickshaw and bus about the crime against children and punishment to be given to the criminal

Cops to awaken the drivers of rickshaw and bus about the crime against children

Sandesh Adke, a college student from the Deolali camp area, quotes “Now a days, people often break traffic rules by jumping traffic signals, driving without a helmet or without seat belts in the presence of their children. Children often adapt such habits of their parents in daily routine and this is how in future they will be following the rules and regulations primed by the Government of India. If police is taking an initiative in improvising wrong habits of children through such awareness campaigns, children will definitely correct their parents regarding the same. This way, it’ll be beneficial for the citizens in preventing any kind of accidents, burglaries, house break-ins, etc”

If every adult and every child makes a conscious effort on improving themselves and others through such awareness campaigns; only then we will be able to declare our country as ‘safe’. Let us all encourage the people of Nashik to dutifully follow the precautionary measures set up the police and thus, prepare ourselves for any impending danger or even prevent any danger from impairing us.


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