Nashik second coldest in Maharashtra (9.2 °C)

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Nashik was the second populous town in the country with 9.2 degrees Celsius on Thursday following Ahmednagar which the minimum temperature was recorded at 9 degrees Celsius. But, based on weathermen, it’s not a cold wave but a surprising drop in temperature after the dominance of these winds coming in the northern area of India.
“The minimum temperature on Wednesday was listed 13.6 degrees Celsius. Within one day, it observed a surprising drop of over 4 degrees and came to 9.2 on Thursday. {These changes can result from the dominance of westerly and northerly winds. } City will see a cold wave such as scenario just when the northerly winds will happen over completely,” stated R B Mankar from neighbourhood weather observatory.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted the smallest minimum temperatures will stay approximately 10-11degrees celsius for another 3 days while the max will touch with the 32 degrees-mark. “The gap of over 20 degrees Celsius minimum and maximum temperatures are making it hard for the citizens to cope up with all the weather scenarios.

The day rests with thick fog while the afternoons are little warmer. Day chill begins ancient by 4.30pm and cold grips town by 7pm,” explained Mankar. But, Nashikites awaiting the normal winter might find a sense of it at the very first week of January. In accordance with personal weather prediction website Skymet, winter is now set to tighten its grip over North India and Nashik can anticipate some cold days following Christmas.

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