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Considering the increasing use of internet from all corners, Nashik city is on its way to become a Wi-Fi zone very shortly. The city-based cloud computing company ESDS Software Solutions Private Limited has presented a proposal over the issue to the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) recently. As per this proposal, the facility will be made available at College Road and Mahatma Nagar area in the first phase.

wifiUse of internet is gaining importance among the citizens in recent years. It has become a necessity for private as well as government offices, education institutions and students. As a result, ESDS took initiative to provide this proposal.
ESDS provides servers to websites and works in the field of web hosting as well as core banking. It has a surplus bandwidth and the company wishes to use this bandwidth for the city.

NMC will not have to incur large expenses for making Nashik a Wi-Fi city. The civic body will have to make initial investments of around Rs 8 lakh to 10 lakh so that the areas covering parts from Bhonsala Military School to Mahatma Nagar and Canada Corner to Bhonsala Military School can come under Wi-Fi in the first phase. Similarly, the NMC will have to bear recurring expenses of around Rs 1,00,000 annually.

NMC’s leader of the house Shashikant Jadhav (MNS) and Somani have already discussed the issue with NMC commisioner and has also presented the proposal before Maharashtra Navani-rman Sena (MNS) supremo Raj Thackeray. The concept of Wi-Fi is good but some points concerning the city’s security should be kept in mind while implementing it. Wi-Fi should not be misused and students should not download unwanted material through it. Measures like Firewall are being considered.

Security measures will also be taken to keep the connectivity free from anti-social elements. The proposal is likely to be presented before the general body meeting (GBM) soon. The scheme is likely to be implemented in the coming few months, if the company receives active support from the NMCL access on PCs too.

This Wi-Fi facility will be available to all establishments and households of the area. Not just the mobile phones and laptops but people will be able to access it from their personal computers too. Data of around two GB at a time can be downloaded in this connectivity, easily.
Nashik is growing faster in terms of technology and making many new drastic changes.

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