The new Date for Air Connectivity to Nashik is probably 1st June2016!

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The new “Tarikh” (Date) for Air Connectivity to ?Nashik? is probably 1st June! Again the same mistake of demanding ?Mumbai? – Nashik route which is not feasible, practical and sensible. Also, we must also realize that aviation industry is highly competitive and cost conscious. How can a “Mumbai Airport Operator” who is managing the most congested airport in India and one of busiest in the world can provide a take-off and landing slot for a flight with just 70 seats and travel time of hardly 35 mins. The entire world is asking for a time slot in Mumbai with Boeing and Airbus with at least 210 passenger aircraft.

Instead, efforts were needed to connect Nashik Airport with other airports who can provide time slot and have at least 1-hour distance. Options such as Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Goa, Indore are every much feasible.

However, the problem with Nashik is city always gets something which it does NOT need while it’s most legitimate and deserving demands do not find any takers!

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