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The most hyped city today is certainly Nashik. Many transformations like upcoming new businesses and ventures, people migrating from different cities, bigger brands coming in the picture and many others are observed taking place in Nashik. The city is making itself ready to be in the list of the tier 1 cities in the country.

Pimpalgaon-Nashik-Gonde - 6 laning in progress -1As revealed by the sources, the new Development Plan (DP) of the city does not conceive the possibility of extending the existing municipal limits for the next 25 years or add villages on the outskirts of Nashik. The projected figure for the population growth in Nashik is said to overpower the existing 15 lakh to 34 lakh by 2036. The new DP asserts that the development needed to lodge the projected population can be easily fitted within the existing 259.12 area under the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC). Consequently, the need does not occur to expand the NMC limits to include villages located on the outskirts of Nashik.

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As compared to the new DP, the previous DP plan of Nashik (for 1991 to 2011), sanctioned by the state government on 16th November, 1993 did not notice fruitful results. Few of the plans stated by the previous DP included the merger of 25 villages, building of ring roads and DP roads, sites reserved for gardens, playgrounds and other rehabilitation centers. Unfortunately, only 35% of the DP plans have been performed even after a span of 22 long years.

nashikHowever, the new DP (2011-2036) is speeding up and is drafting plans and proposals to be submitted to Mr. Sanjay Khandare, the municipal commissioner by October. A senior NMC official added to this, “There is wide scope to accommodate the projected population for the next 25 years in the existing limit of the NMC and there is no need at all to extend the limit of the NMC.”

All we can hope and conclude that the new DP undertakes and executes all the promised actions within the given time limits to evade any discrepancies in the forthcoming years.

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