NMC proposes literacy programs for women

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images2“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” Nashik Municipal Corporation takes steps to soon launch literacy programs for women in Nashik’s slums. In today’s growing age, education is must for all. An educated person knows the pros and cons of life.

Kavita Kardak, came up with this commendable proposal to start a literacy program for women in slum areas through NMC’s Women and Children Welfare Department. The proposal will be presented in the general body meeting on Wednesday for its discussion and execution. They are yet to decide the budget for this proposal.

Kavita discussed and said, “There are many illiterate people in the region. The women should at least be educated till standard IV. This would increase the literacy date. The teachers can be appointed on honorary basis.”

Few measures have already been undertaken for the said project. Various training programs have been conducted for women belonging to the lower income group. Free education will be provided to them with an aim to make them self-reliant.images3

For the proper execution of the proposed plan and to assure the possibilities of launching it, Savita Dalwani, BJP, chairperson of Women and Children Welfare Department quoted, “The literacy rate should increase and we can definitely carry out the program. We can hold night schools for those who cannot attend school during the day. We are already carrying out the training programs for women to make them self-reliant. The program will be more beneficial for them to carry out daily activities and understand things better.”

Considering the lower literacy rates, Kardak came up with this proposal to educate the women of lower social-economic group and in future is planning to conduct such literacy programs for men as well.

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