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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” and is rightly been followed by the Nashik Municipal Corporation.The officials have decided to set strict rules for the employees instructing them to wear ID cards and uniforms at work.Earlier a notice for the same was issued by the NMC in March and April but it was neglected by the employees.

logoAs per the notice, there are around 5000 employees who were stated to wear ID cards, out of these the NMC drivers, office boys and sanitary employees were told to wear uniforms. But the rules were not followed by the employees. The Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Haribhau Phadol said, ‘the employees were reminded about this rule many times over the last one year and till date no action was initiated against employees who did not follow rules.’

Considering this, the NMC is soon going to issue a fresh notice wherein all the employees will have to abide the rules by carrying their ID cards and 2000 of them who are employed as drivers, office boys and sanitary employees will have to wear uniforms. The ID cards and uniforms have already been given to them.

A period of 8 days has been given to the people at work at NMC to take disciplinary actions. Strict actions will be taken against those disobeying the rule.Stringent steps are been put forth by the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) to have an orderly set up at work place. This will definitely improve the work culture and maintain uniformity.

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