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Nashik second coldest in Maharashtra (9.2 °C)

Nashik was the second populous town in the country with 9.2 degrees Celsius on Thursday following Ahmednagar which the minimum temperature was recorded at 9 degrees Celsius. But, based on weathermen, it’s not a...


21-Year-Old Nashik Techie Commits Suicide

A 21-year-old techie best known for developing an emergency app ‘Helping Hands’ that helped many during the Chennai floods of 2015, was found hanging in his Nashik residence in Maharashtra on Wednesday. Probable suicide ...


BigBasket Say’s Good Bye To Nashik

There is very few company’s operation in Nashik, which I really admired and use on regular basis. One of them is BigBasket, which is aiming to cross the R6,000-crore turnover mark by 2018. But...