Parody on “Wrecking God” video… Why are Indian festivals a nightmare for the youth?

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Children dying to inhale fresh air on feativals

Children dying to inhale fresh air on feativals

Indians go through a cold hard dose of reality when it’s time for extravagant festivals to arrive. People insanely spend on these festivals; breaking all their FDs into miniscule bits for the celebration of these festivals. After all it is just an earnest gesture by the devotees for their Gods and to seek mammoth of blessings in return.

What an egocentric act to beseech blessings!! What they fail to comprehend is that there is an enormous impairment of resources, which are as it is not in abundance. Be it luminous fire crackers on Diwali, use of skin fiery colours on Holi, playing perfidious songs on preposterously high volume like munni badnam hui during Ganesh chaturti, outcry of noises on Durga pooja and many more to mention. Prerequisite is to educate yourself on how to make appropriate use of the energy resources during these festivals. A few utilitarian individuals from East India Company have put their foot down to agitate against the after-effects of these festivals. Reality struck them hard while they were getting perplexed by these imprudent events. What they realised is that this is just a cynical touchstone to celebrate festivals in a flamboyant manner. So they recorded a video for the citizens of India as an eye-opener to the artificial hoo-haw of these festivals. This video is a jig from bestowing your true pieties to the Gods to wrecking the Gods inconsiderately by your bizarre way of celebrating the festivals. Our Gods might consider celebrating these festivals as a mockery after what humans are doing on earth!!

Gods always yearned to stay in a pollution-free environment, so why are we humans insulating it with gargantuan pollution? River Ganga which is considered, being most sacred, is always polluted during Ganesh Chaturti and Durga Pooja by idols lying on the river bank and the offerings by people like garlands. Why not use eco-friendly idols instead? Why not play Holi with organic colours?

Why not keep the volume low of the CD player on festivals like Navratri and not tear apart people’s ear drums? Why not play Bhajans on festivals instead of those treacherous songs that make absolutely no sense to your Gods? Why not offer milk to the millions of needy people rather than wasting gallons of milk on idols during festivals? Why burst substantial amount of crackers to pollute your place and make it unbearable to inhale the air the next day?

Save yourself by playing holi with organic colours

Save yourself by playing holi with organic colours

Why are politicians minting money in the name of God? The answer to all these questions is only one… Save your environment!!

I want all of you to watch this video to make urban Indians realize how important it is to save the environment and live a better life for the residual years before our Gods shove us to the door of hell. Let there be an eco-friendly celebration of these festivals by following the rituals in a much civilised norm.



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