Planned BRT (bus rapid transit) corridor on M.G. Road. Nashik

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Nashik, the third largest urban area in the state of Maharashtra, is witnessing rapid motorization along with increased congestion and pollution. Overcrowded buses during peak hours and falling bus speeds have contributed to rapid growth in the number of personal motor vehicles of over 7 percent annually. To improve the overall public transport system, the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) is proposing to implement a high quality bus rapid transit (BRT) system. ITDP is working closely with the city on this proposal and has prepared a feasibility report. ITDP is also carrying out a feasibility study for a phase 1 cycle sharing network that will complement the planned BRT system.


Non-motorized Transport

ITDP began working with NMC on non-motorized transport in the context of a traffic island design project initiated by NMC and local architects. Originally conceived as a beautification exercise, the project proposed to develop landscaped islands in the midst of major intersections. As work on the island designs began, the Corporation approached ITDP for technical advice. Intersections are critical in a street network and the quality of their design can substantially affect the performance of the system. ITDP advised the Corporation to broaden the scope of the project to incorporate a broader set of complete streets objectives. Currently, ITDP is working with a network of local architects and stakeholders on the improvement of 15 intersections within the city. The designs aim to minimize delays for public transport, provide safe and convenient crossings for pedestrians and cyclists, and streamline movements of all vehicles.

Transit-oriented Development

Nashik is in the process of preparing its Development Plan 2031. With the aim of promoting sustainable transport in Nashik, ITDP is advising the city on ways to facilitate compact, pedestrian friendly development along the city’s planned BRT corridors, improve non-motorized transport connectivity, and manage the parking supply to reduce dependence on personal motor vehicles.

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