Private roads for pedestrians by ISP

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General Manager of Indian Security Press (ISP) TR Gauda has decided to reopen the stretch from Gorewadi to Nashik Road which falls under the property of ISP for pedestrians after request by MP Sameer Bhujbal. ISP management had closed this road some days ago for civilian use after receiving an anonymous terrorist threat. This had caused discontent in people from surrounding areas. Citizens from areas around Gorewadi have been using this road since the pre-independence era.

bhubaneswar1The closure of this road meant travelling an extra 3 to 4 km for people from the surrounding area. Considering the hardships that citizens were facing, a meeting was held among the dignatories. At the meeting, ISP management suggested an alternate route for pedestrians and said that other available options will be checked soon and a permanent solution will be delivered after discussion with senior officers and Union Finance Ministry of India. Gauda agreed to citizens using the road on temporary basis. However, social activists and citizens’ representatives have appealed citizens to keep their identity cards with them while travelling through the road.

MP Bhujbal expressed gratitude to Gauda on behalf of citizens for his decision. Students, servicemen, patients and labourers surrounding areas of Gorewadi will be facilitated through this decision. Citizens demanded that IPS can close the route through ‘Black Gate’ for safety reason but they should not close the alternate route near Vanita Vikas Mandal School.

Meanwhile, rickshaw drivers who used to ply on the road from Gorewadi to Main Gate for business have presented a memorandum to MP Sameer Bhujbal saying that closing of this road for any vehicle entry has hampered their business and they now are facing financial problems due to it. They have demanded that such rickshaw drivers should get identity cards so that they can also ply on this road. Nashik’s infrastructural changes are thus the assured benefits for the pedestrians.

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