Reflections of College life

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IMG-20140701-WA0000A moment in every one’s lives which we think will be nothing but remarkable. You make the greatest friends and you will find yourself and discover your confidence and become the person you were always meant to be.Yes! We are talking about College life ..Page3nashik presents a really interesting and nostalgic topic -‘College life’. Its the most special and mesmerising phase of life wherein your emotional attachment is somewhere treasured. The shift from school to college is a milestone in any student’s life. Young girls and boys move from a closed and protected world to an open and impersonal environment. As a result, many students believe that college life only means missing lectures regularly and going out with friends.Yet some believe that college life is the time to get serious in life and step towards achieving their goals..Its a panorama of mixed feelings. Students must be strong in themselves and know their own minds. This will help them not to be swayed by peer pressure. We have seen  many cases of students going astray under Peer Pressure.They must be careful about making the right set of friends . College life is where one’s life when one learns the most important lessons of his/her life. According to the people in Nashik students of some colleges have some myths in their minds about college life or first day of college-


  • Ashwin Jathar from Byk college says that some time ago before entering college he had a myth that only rich people can afford colleges.
  • Krishna Sarode from Byk college says that he had a myth that only the Toppers can get scholarships.
  • Rutuja Kapadne from JDC college of Management had believed a myth that if you don’t go to College now you can never go later and you have no future.
  • Hardik Patel from Sandip foundations had a myth since school times that, You should go to the famous college.
  • Pratik Janorkar from RYK college said that when he was in school he was filled up with a myth that, You need to know exactly what you want to become since the 1st day of college(Science-Doctor or Engineer,Commerce-CA).
  • Snehal Naik from BYK college shares her myth by saying that she always felt that, you can’t attend college if you are undocumented.
  • Roshni Shah from NDMVP college said her myth was that your going to get Ragged on the 1st day of college and there arise a feeling of discontent.
  • Ridhima Matlani from BYK college said about her myth that I always had a feeling that If you fail in college your a failure for life.

All such myths which people usually carry in mind are a waste. We live in a democraticMOI000027797 country and colleges are for the people, to educate them.The federal government, states, and banks all offer Different kinds of financial aid to help students afford college.Some people believe that you have to be an academic “superstar” to receive scholarships. Infact although you should always try and get good grades, you do not have to be a straight-A student, an Athlete or get high scores to receive financial aid. The myths have to be flushed off as everyone is free to live life and college life is that turning point in life wherein you would know yourself better and get the best person out of you.You would be filled with memories and beautiful friends who may be long lasting parts of your life. We can relate all the situations faced during our college to our day-to-day professional life situations and use the Lessons learnt in college to excel in our professional lives.When it would have been the last days of college you will avoid thinking that soon your life won’t be centered on your Friends and that so many of these people who filled your days will soon be reduced to weekly phone callso r monthly Facebook chats. You try not to wonder which ones will remain in your life and which will fade away. College life simply knows No bounds, treasured ‘Masti wale’ Memories and joyous moments of life will always be unforgettable..!!! And in the end “Its not the years in your life that counts, its the life in your years that does “…..

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