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Nashik is blessed to have the purest and sacred water body in the city. The Godavari is a major

waterway in central India, originating in the Western Ghats Trimbakeshwar, in the Nashik Subdivision
or District Of Maharashtra and flowing eastwardly across the Deccan Plateau through the state of
Maharashtra. It is known as dakshin ganga (Southern Ganges) because it originates from river Ganga
(underground water) near Trimbak in Nashik.

lighting-godavari-river-2In the Hindu religion and tradition, River Godavari has tremendous importance. But after analyzing the
reports drafted by ABP news, one must look into this matter seriously. The water from the Bhramagiri
mountains is in a pure form but as it reaches Nasik , during this course it completely transforms into a
dangerously polluted form.

The reasons are the irresponsible and unreasonable citizens and the ones who take charge to develop
and grow the city, The Government. The problems are uncountable. Some of them which need to be
considered as life threatening are the lack of education, as people take bath in the water and throw
wastages in the same. On the other hand, there are no STP (Sewage treatment Plant) plants in the city
and hence, the sewage from the gutters directly reaches the Sacred river, as we call. The chemicals from
the industries, immersion of Ganesh idols in the river leads to the accumulation of Plaster of Paris which
is poisonous for human life.

There is a tiff going on between Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh in terms of division of Godavari. But
that can be dealt afterwards. Nasik Mahanagar palika has urged Rs.2000 crores for the betterment of
Godavari River as there is Kumbh Mela coming up in 2015 in Nashik.

During the process of making of the report, 2 samples of Godavari River were taken. One, from
Someshwar in Nashik and the other was taken from Odha, which is towards the end of the city. It was
observed that there are innumerable chemicals and the water is not at all edible for drinking or bathing.

Therefore, this is an ALERT for the citizens of Nashik. It’s time to take action against the hazardous
causes and collectively figure out measures to save our River Godavari. Kindly don’t ignore as the
consequences will be faced by nobody but only YOU!

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