Sarva Jal Abhiyan which aims to make Maharashtra water sufficient kicked off in Nashik.

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Sarva Jal Abhiyan, Nashik

Sarva Jal Abhiyan, Nashik

Sarva Jal Abhiyan (Water For All ) which aims to make Maharashtra water sufficient kicked off in Nashik today. You can help this NGO by making #SarvaJalAbhiyan stronger by contributing at: or send a cheque in the name of “Sakal Social Foundation” to Mr.Udhav Bhadsalkar, 595 Budhwar Peth, Pune 411002, Phone: 020-24405500.

On the back of the cheque, please write your PAN no. for tax exemption and the word “ONLINE” as well for reference. Highest Donors will be featured in a spotlight in Sakal publications !

The ‘Water for all’ Initiative
Delivering Maharashtra´s programme’s first initiative envisions ‘Water for All in Maharashtra by 2019’ and aims to significantly improve the supply, quality and equitability of water distribution in Maharashtra.

The initiative began in October 2013 and the first two steps of the DCF 5 process have already been executed. The first step – the Emotional Connect Programme – was earlier executed under the aegis of Maharashtra’s Expectations. In the second step, called Strategic Direction, DCF identified issues within the ‘Water’ sector by collecting data over a four-month period. Stage 3, called Labs, brought together different stakeholders such as senior government officials (water) and corporate executives for a six-week workshop in which issues were understood and solutions to solve them were thrashed out.

In order to achieve “Water for All” in Maharashtra, DCF will put up over US$ 5 million, align top level stakeholders, create a strategic plan and build support and execution platforms for the ‘Water’ initiative through its proprietary Developing Change Program (DCP).

DCF will be using its partners Sakal Media Group (communications) to engage with people about issues, Tanishka (execution) to mobilise grassroots networks for execution support, PEMANDU Malaysia (strategy) to help in strategy planning and multi-stakeholder consensus planning through its proprietary Big Fast Results (BFR) approach, and SILC (learning) to create a knowledge repository in order to execute the DCP.

32 different initiatives have been identified and are being planned to be executed in order to achieve socio-economic transformation of Maharashtra. 

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