Things I have learned from a road accident near Nashik [accident video]

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Warning :
video and Image’s in this article contains graphic content and may be upsetting to some people.

So far, we have never posted any disturbing news or information on our website, as we always considered Page3Nashik to be a refection of a positive and happy Nashik. But this incident which took place right in front of my eyes, shook me from within and for days to follow it really cast a very disturbing shadow on my life. I witnessed this horrid incident when I was driving from Nashik to Mumbai. Like all bitter experiences thought me a number of lessons which I wanted to share with you all.

It was sunday and I was driving alone in a rainy day towards Mumbai for a weekday schedule. My speed was somewhere around 110 KM/Hrs (Enjoying the new Mumbai – Nashik Highway ) like I always do (specially like on Nashik flyover ) and Just before I was about to enter the Kasara ghat, a truck which was carrying way too much load zoomed past, overtaking my car. Not wanting to ruin my reverie, I simply ignored him and kept enjoying my drive.

After around 10 minutes, I was still behind that trucked (around 200 meters, keeping a safe distance). In the blink of an eye, the truck driver who tried to turn right his truck with fully loaded or I could take the liberty to say an over loaded truck on a curve. So rash was his decision to swing the wheel to the right that his companion flew swinging out from left window. The truck was literally on two wheels and it took no time for the entire truck to lose balance and trip  off-road. The entire truck fell on the unfortunate companion of the driver.

20150828_171816I pulled over my car and got down to both seek and provide help. But there was no one around, as it was around 2 PM and the road was empty. All I could see was a truck almost upside down and a man screaming for help from inside. I knew that even with all my might, I would not be able to move that truck alone. I gathered my composure and quickly grabbed up my phone and dialed 100 and switched on my car security alarm system so that any car passing on other side of road (towards Nashik) would take notice. While the emergency 100 number was ringing, I went running towards the truck to see if I can pull out someone but the driver was stuck inside the metal body of truck.

Even after multiple rings when no one picked up the phone, I was getting worried. Fortunately, a highway petrol car passing from other side of road stopped after hearing emergency sound and lights from my car. Meanwhile some other passing cars stopped by20150828_172052 and in no time there was around 10-20 people along with one police car. I was so relived find help. What I noticed though was everyone was in the same dilemma and no one know what to do. The police guy summoned someone from his wireless on other side of road.

After waiting for 15 long minutes, we saw a crane finally arriving for lifting mass of metal and tires. The rest can be seen on this video. (Please note: Some scenes might be really disturbing).

After some struggle, they where able to save the driver but co-driver was dead on the spot (You can see his foot below the truck in the video that I captured).

From the above incident, I have learned following things :

  1. Always wear seat belt : See what happened to co-driver. If he was wearing seat belt, he would have beared the impact and ended up staying inside the truck. He was pushed outside due to inertia. Remember, we often pay a huge price for someone else’s mistake.
  2. Keep safe distance: Keep safe distance from vehicles ahead you.
  3. Never cross speed limit : The road was marked with speed limit of 80, I have vowed to myself after that day that I will never cross 100 no matter how good roads are.
  4. Keep emergency number handy (100 may not work always)
  5. Turn on your hazards: Slow down or park your vehicle in a safe location when you spot an accident or sense an emergency. Never stop on road. Never.
  6. Leave space for the emergency services : Emergency crews will come with big vehicles and the space around the crash is most likely tight enough as it is. If there’s traffic or hard terrain around make sure to leave them enough room for them to do their job.

Please drive safe and slow. Speed gives adrenaline but life give you joy of living.


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